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i bought a boat and motor from Thomas Chaffee and was completely miss led to the product that I received. Tom lied and stole from me then lied more. I purchased this boat when Tom Chaffee had his business in California. The transaction was done through email and pictures. i was new to the sport and did not know a lot about these inflatable race boats. Tom took full advantage of that! He sold me a race boat model RD-400x. Upon receiving the boat it did not hold air for more than 24hours i was instructed by Tom Chaffee over the phone to put liquid latex in the air valve to seal any potential leaks. | Tom also sold me a high end motor (1989 Tohatsu 50hp) which was supposed to be completely rebuilt and brand new. I purchased this motor for $5795.00 this motor was completely stock and needed to be completely rebuilt before i even used it! Two of the three cylinders blew 90psi on a compression test and the third cylinder was at 100psi. | it ran but not well enough to be sea worthy. The motor was supposed to have a milled head. It was stock. New Weipco pistons bore size 2.677 to 2.697. the pistons were stock. The motor was supposed to be blueprinted and polished and ported. The ports were not properly aligned and there were no visible signs of grinding.The motor was supposed to have special exhaust which consisted of drilling a 1 inch hole in it to make it loud. The motor was spray painted grey to hide imprefections from the pictures he was sending me that were taken from a distance. Tom also sold me a steering dampener for $2000.00 that was probably 10years old and bent which was supposed to be top of the line and brand new. | I also purchased a composite light weight floor from Tom for $1000.00. the floor was actually plywood that was painted white and did not fit upon arrival. Tom told me i would need to sand it to fit. | Tom also sold me a Detwiler Jack plate that was home made for $750.00 that was supposed to he aluminum, it was steel and home made. the part was never used and returned to Tom Chaffee but money was never refunded. this boat was purchased in 2010 from Thomas Chaffee i paid in full with a Credit Card. All i wanted was a boat that i could race with instead i was sidelined with junk i was sold. I advise all people to not do business with Dux Boats or Thomas Chaffee he will lie to you and steal from you. | There are many options out there to purchase one of these boats. Please do your homework people and don’t end up like me! if you want more information on these boats please feel free to contact me i am still in the loop with the racing community and would be more than willing to help. | The blue boat on 22 on duxboats.com model number RD-400x is my boat. When the boat was delivered it looked nothing like the picture! AT ALL!!! Between my friend and I we built the floor for the boat in my garage! Tom he is not capable of producing a product of that quality. That is a picture of my garage NOT his shop. there were multiple hours spent building this boat after i receiced it from Tom.

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