East Coast Equine Transport

East Coast Equine Transport Review

I had gone to a site to have a horse hauled from Ohio to N. Ca. Received a lot of bids and decided upon Gail. We arranged from her to pick up the horse on June 15th. This did NOT happen. He in fact was not picked up until the 22nd. GAIL, however never bothered to mention she would be late getting him unail I tried numerous times to get I touch with her. After picking him up she never called to let us know she did in fact load him. Never heard a word for the first 2 days. When I asked when to exec him she said she would know more Mon. This is. 4 day trip mind you. My son drives it every yr. To the Qh Congress. When she finally contacted us MO . She said he’d be in S. CA. Wed. And would then make arrangements to get him to N. CA. My husband called and told here he had to be here Thurs. Well of course she can not do that so she dropped him at the BOB Hubbard layover and thankfully they are brining him the rest of the way. MiND you she already has her deposit and I still have to pay the other shipper. Run away. Terrible, terrible hauler. No communication, milk run.

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