East Liberty Presbyterian Church

East Liberty Presbyterian Church Review

Hello i started going to a church and the church is a large community and they believe in discipline by punishment and have groups about the punishments and because i didnt want to join that group and i lived near the person who they wanted disciplined they started to make me stressed out by sending people to disipline me. they left notes on my car after putting rocks in my hubcaps but notes wasnt enugh to get them arested. then they told me that i must go and make the person who they want sick get sick or i will die before im 82 im now 81. please stop the presby people in pittsburgh crafton and east liberty are the two that i know are involved .please stop them .just last week they sprayed poison into a 27 year old female’s coffee after she told them that they was wrong and she was calling police to tell on them for the group.

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