Eastern Propane

Eastern Propane Review

I interviewed 4 separate companies inquiring about purchase and installation of an underground propane tank. Unfortunately I chose Easter Propane. Mr Pat Lavoie was the representative that I had much conversation with regarding the purchase and installation. We specifically spoke about the purchasing of the tank and having no requirement to purchase fuel from Eastern. I hired a separate contractor to bury the tank. Suburban Propane had been deliverying my fuel since 2012 until Eastern Propane called Suburban and cancelled my account with my knowledge. I contacted Eastern and complained. They threatened to come take the tank not knowing it was burried in the ground. Then decided to say that I was under a contract which was a lie! What Eastern tried to do was Not bill me for the tank itself and then claim I was leasing it and under their contract. As I initiated the contact to settle this dispute they only became more threatening and deceiving. They attempted to starve my household of fuel. I have spent much money but finally rid them. I feel sorry for those people who are still doing business wtih this company.

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