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I have struggled with what to do with my feelings of rage and helplessness. And I have been overcome with a sadness. And then I found this site. I don’t even know how to qualify this sort of “Unusual RipOff” because, well what do you call it when what someone stole is someone else’s innocence and not just provided bad service. | Eben Eldridge was the son of a man named Earl Eldridge and Earl ran a sort of halfway house, or group home you could call it. It housed young adults with special needs and it was located in a prominent part of Malibu called Paradis Cove. This was years ago. But recently a family member communicated to me a story that came from my niece who was a young girl at the time and living in this house, because she had the emotional development of a child who was about six years old. However, her physical form was that of female in her young twenties, which she was when Eben got to her. | I don’t know how to explain this adequately. | I have done my research on Eben Eldridge and I know that he fled the state of California after this happened and went to Washington State. He lured my niece to the area where the washer and dryer were, where no one could see and where has father, Earl was not looking. And I think you know what he did to her. And because she has the emotional maturity of a six year old, she didn’t believe she was being victimized in any way. But this does not change the fact that Eben Eldridge took something from her. | Once he fled to Washington State, Eben Eldridge – get this – got a job working for Seattle Unified School District – doing what? He was in charge of children with special needs. He was probably often in a room alone with them. This makes me sick to even have to type this out, but it must be said. What Eben Eldridge did to my niece was not consensual, because she was a child in a the body of a grown woman, a body that Eben Eldridge violated and treated like it existed for his pleasure. Is this a “rip off” and does it belong on this site? If this doesn’t then what does? What he ripped off, what he took that wasn’t his is sacred. My family, everyone in our family who now knows of this still mourns. | I don’t know if Earl was ever held accountable for being such a bad house manager in that capacity. From what I’ve heard he was a failed musician or writer or something and an alcoholic. Maybe he was drunk when his son Eben came to treat the residents like this group home was his own brother where you don’t have to pay, and no one will find out. Well, as my niece got older she was able to tell someone about it. It bothers me that after fleeing the state that he went right work employed to be trusted with kids with special needs. | I don’t know where to place my anger. Is it at the owners of the group home? Is it at Earl Eldridge for not stopping his son from helping himself a mentally impaired female resident? Do I lose my mind and blame and entire race, or the whole system, or life itself or God? I don’t know. I don’t to have this kind of hatred in my heart. And I am overcome with grief. Why did he do that to our beautiful little angel? | I don’t know what this report will do, if anything. But I am not giving the name of the facility at the request of family members and because we don’t know if the owners were aware. Eben Eldridge will get away with this. He has after all these years. He’s some kind of activist and artist or something living in California again now. If you have a relative who is in this kind of a group home, please be careful. You may trust the people who run the place, maybe even adore them. But you never know if they have a troubled son who has no conscience. This is a rip off that should have never happened, although I’m certain it’s happening all the time.

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    June 16, 2020
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    June 16, 2020

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