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I am writing to let you know that ecomm elite is not the best company to rely on with the complicated amazon platform. Their customer support is horrible. You will pay for 30 days of membership and will wait them to repond to your tickets for 5 days (I have screen shots of every ticket sunbitted showing when it was submitted and whet it was replied). So, you are paying them to sit and wait while they decide to respond to you or not. | More, the big share of the group “ecom elite open group” is fake, the most of the members are their friends or employees, so the group is not trustful ecommelite chriskeef |″ data-ft=”{“> ToddSnively. That is why I have created a new group to let others to post what they really think about them. Here is the link to the group | | The matter is that they – ecommelite chriskeef ToddSnively prefer to block, delete and ban the claim or unsatisfaction by their customer rather than resolve it. For exampl, a guy posted a cooment asking about the usefulness of their, I replied hime exlaining him that I am not satisfied because the products there are very price and the majority of the UPC codes are not identified by amazon, and you what? They have deleted my comment! This is already not a good sign in the business relationshp. | I really really hope to be ableo to upload my screen shot of their support so you can understand that they are not the one to be trusted. | More, I saw that my tickets are not being addressed properly and decided to ask my questions in their group named ecomm elite open group. And you what? they saw that I am not satisfied, so ToddSnively responded to my comment in a very rude and impolite way, delted my comments again, and you know what? He blocked me! | After blocking me on facebook he sent me an email with the following content: | Hi | One of the perks of being the owner of this company is that I get to work with who I want to work with. I no longer want you in this group. I have removed you from all courses, tool access, fb groups, and have refunded any payments you’ve made. | Your attitude is horrific and your public allegations false. Every single ticket has been responded to, and duplicate tickets were merged into other tickets and answered. | Please do not reapply for membership. | Sincerely, | Todd | So, they are supporting me, I ask questions in facebook and I am the one with horrific attitude?! Are you kidding me?! I paid you $500 for 30 dyas and you are NOT responding to my questions for 5,3, 2 days, this means I am wasting my time! I am wasting my money because of your irresponsible and horrific attitued ToddSnively! | In the next step I am going to upload the screenshots so you can see this review is an hones review and not eddited by ecommelite chriskeef ToddSnively. | Thanks for your time!

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  1. Chara Lartigue
    June 16, 2020

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