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I had used this company last year and was very happy with the results. We were able to get better rooms at great prices. This year I contracted for 3 trade shows; one in Seattle, one in Pittsburgh, and one in Santa Clara. When our group got to Seattle, they had no rooms. I was told that the reservation was made for the wrong month. After assurance that we would be reimbursed and then this not happening, I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau. | Yesterday, my group went to Pittsburgh. I had called twice to confirm the rooms and we were all set. When they arrived, they found that the rooms had been canceled. So I called Santa Clara to find that those rooms were also canceled. | We are out not only over $5,000 which we paid to them for these rooms but for the additional cost of rooms that we had to rent. | I am trying to find every way that I can to let people know about this company. I want them out of business but would like to get our money back before they go bankrupt. Dreaming I know – we will never see that money again. | Additionally, all of our credit cards in our company were hacked early this year. We wonder if this company sold the cards as we were getting charges from everything from White Castle to airplane trips to Dubai.

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  1. Blaine Fowkes
    June 16, 2020

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