Edgewood Partners Insurance Center

Edgewood Partners Insurance Center Review

I cant even begin to describe the bad experiene with this people, in particular with the owner NATALIE RIVERA, beware of her people, she’s bad news on every way possible. She has a really bad reputation in Fort Myers and it’s necessary to avoid her and anything that has to do with her. INSURANCE COMPANY.? HAA I wouldn’t even risk giving her any type of information about anything. She’s a very ignorant person that believes because she has your information she can do anything she wants and treat you the way she wants. She would never admit she’s wrong and will try to do anything so she feels she’s better or more capable than you. Once again my friends, she and her company are bad news. We have several online platforms that will be flagging her and her business all over Fort Myers. Save your money, save your info, save yourself a headache and go get your quote somewhere else. Like I said before her name is NATALIE RIVERA, her business phone number IS and EMAIL is [email& 160;protected], Tthe address to the office you need to avoid 3583 Fowler St Fort Myers, FL , 33901. DONT GO THROUGH WHAT IM GOING THROUGH WITH THIS LADY. SHES BAD NEWS IN FORT MYERS. Luis Boral and my email address is [email& 160;protected]

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