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Eric Grenier advertises his company as Premier Veterinary Hospital Builder. We hired him to remodel a free stanting building that was already built as a veterinary hospital. | The schedule provided of 5 weeks to finish the job ended up taking him 15 weeks. During this time the hospital had no workers for several days because he was doing another job. | He got paid in full $157,000 thorough Live Oak Bank loan. As per contract, he was supposed to patch walls, and paint walls, replace floor and apply epoxy hospital floor, replace cabinets and install equipment. He didn’ t do it. | He did not patch the walls, the epoxy floor is not hospital grade epoxy floor and it is defective thoughout the building, he installed only part of the equipment and did not clean his mess. | The painters he hired told him in several ocations that the walls were not ready to be painted, he asked them to painted them they way they were because he was not going to pay for patching the walls. | He hired a floor company to place an epoxy floor through the building. The first floor company left and did not finish the job because he was delaying payments to them and they prefered to lost what was iinvested than invest more, and still not get paid. He hired another second floor company that recommended to aplly the sealer to the epoxy floor. Contractor didnt want to apply sealer because he said he lost money with the first floor company . The $ 57,000 paid floor is not a hospital epoxy floor. Because he did not apply the sealer, the porosity of the floor is trapping dirt and getting stained after only 2 months of being placed. As per contract, his job is supposed to be guaranteed for a year. He has been contacted several times and 5 floor expert have come to see the floor and agreed that the sealer was not applied. Estimates were sent to him. Eric grenier doesnt answer the phone anymore and have make clear by e mail that has no intention to fix or pay the floor. he knows that lawyers are expensive and as a starting bussiness, do not have the money to legally persecute him, so he takes advantage and gets away with it. | He did not pay first floor company, he did not pay in full the handy man he hired to place the tile in the reception, he requested the IT guy to finish what his electrician didnt finish and he did not pay him either. Extra to that, he left the place in a very bad shape, no patched walls, did not change door handles on main doors (only inside ) and got paid for it, did not clean the place, which as per contract he was supposed to do. I have a list of all persons affected and their contact information, as well as pictures and the letter was sent to him when he left and all the e mails. | I also recently learned that I am not the only hospital that has been abused by him. Another veterinary practice in Ft Meyers is dealing with the lack of ethics of this person and not happy about it.

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