EGunner is a penny auction website sells firearms in the auction. I have spent over $2000 on their website and walked away with couple gift cards and a cheap $200 pistol. If you are going on their website you need to watch out and save your self from getting ripped off. They have their own people and in some cases Bots bidding against you to hike the price of every item. A gun worth of $300 is being sold for $5000 to $10000 in some cases even more. | You need to watch out of the following name when bidding on this site; NOTSURE, therousehouse, TWSCOMP, mrovank, romp2001, joshallison12. These accounts specially the first two will be on every day on every single auction on almost all the items. These accounts have access to unlimited bids and you will never WIN. | Can you imagine if a $500 item is being sold for $5 NO WAY they will be out of business tomorrow. | If you see any of these names RUN and do not waste your money. Its rip off…Its a scam… at the end they will ask you to buy the gun and If you have spend $150 on $300 gun you will spend another $150 with “buy it now” option to recover your loss. You will be better off just buying the same item from any website. save your self the hastle, time and Money. | They will never refund you back!! Beware of

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