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Elanas models is total scam, typical 20-25 wanting to chat with late 40’s man. also her site does give you some cultural and traditions info i will give it that, but thing it fails to tell you is how long it would take to get a women to you in usa, i called us immagrations and ask them how long process would take, was told about 1.5 yrs to get it totally done, and that was if it was approved. elanas is a scam they want your hard earned money but fail to tell you any info on visa’s etc, because who the hell wants to wait that long for a women spend all that money, time, effort, and the amount of paperwork to try to even get it approved, if you even find a real women, and if she has kids, even more paperwork. i got sucked into her scams….reading hey this don’t look to bad, yeah right, i even sent there office a letter telling them they are a scam, but guess what..no reply fiquire that

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