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I got a quote for $499 to move our small car. I asked if that was inclusive of all fees and taxes, and was told that it was. I had received about 6 calls from this guy, just in the first part of the day. This was during business hours, and I could not just drop my work to answer. | I tried to check out the link they gave me, where I could confirm shipping. It wouldnt work! I kept trying, but it just said quote was no longer available. I emailed them and explained this. I also mentioned to them that I saw they had a profile on uship, and submitted them a quote request there. I explained I would just book with them through Uship, that way i could do it online, and through a verified and secure site (since I felt a bit guarded that I was asked for a deposit to hold- and was told by every other drive to stay away from brokers asking for deposits). | I then have my request ignored, and instead just keep getting their original link- the one that didnt work- sent to me. I tell him, its not working, just go on uship. He then calls me… over, and over…and then texts me “pickup ur phone” … “pickup ur phone i wanna talk to u”… IM AT WORK!! | needless to say, I felt put off by his pushiness and reluctancy to book on uship. I politely email him and said, thank you, but I will no longer be requiring your service.. I then get several emails from him insulting me, calling me a punk wasting his time…. calling me a retard, and a handful of other rude responses. | DO NOT book with them. Here is the info I was given:

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