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Hello this guy Tom Furman is the biggest scam on the earth,He lies to every merchant saying it was a change to the matix score of the merchant account, in order to get these merchants too sign huge leases that are noncancellable.he also shows them fake saving on a templete from his lab top,what makes matters worst is that these merchant believe that he is going to give them the best rate possible until the merchant looks at the statement and realizes they are paying much more including the fat noncancellable lease.I dont work with his company no more he goes by the name Tom Furman and Lance Morris he was the owner of the infamous NPMG or National Processing Mangement Group read the complaints and Alpha-Card both no longer in function…. | He has a new company named PCMG or Private Client Mangement Group he has a rep in San Francisco name named Mr. John Brimmage and he is a rep in Orange County Area he is now going to West Palm Baeach/Ft Lauderdale area in FL. Merchant please be aware if someone calls you from PCMG or Private Client Management Group and say they want Tom to meet with you at your location to itemize the tier 1 rates on the merchant account dont do it you will regret it he is rude to merchant who dont sign with him the same day he has problems with peoplefrom the Middle East or any person who is a language barrier.Tom Furman or Lance Morris leases everyone from $98-$500 a month for a machine that cost $300-$ bucks and at the end of the day the machine is not theres imagine paying 3k-6k for a machine in 48 months and its not yours i would be very upset. Thats why he is a scam with his fake savings. | This guy has put mom and pop joints out of business and when you call him to get matters resolved he don’t answer your calls..Real merchant know that there’s free machines no need to lease unless you just started processing and even then you have companies like Sqaure who will set you up for free and if a company wants your business that bad trust me they will reprogram you current machines and have 24 hour customer service.If you decide to lease it should be no more than $50 a month he lies to merchant and say he can intergrade with P.O.S systems all a scam to decieve merchants to sign with him…He fires all employees that have potential because they catch on to his lies….Private Client Management Group is a scam just like National Processing Management Group and AlphaCard..His girlfriend Sarah is the bookkeeper and got the company PCMG in her name there located off 48th street in Mcdowell across the street from Jack-IN-The-Box.Do you know that Lance Morris or Tom Furman cant legally have a merchant company due to his fraudulent ways. Be aware merchants be aware.I have already contacted the FBI,EEOC,and the Attorney General its only a matter of time before this scam artist is out of buisness.

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  1. Reta Dunne
    June 16, 2020
  2. Harvey Bilcik
    June 16, 2020
  3. Sharonda Darlin
    June 16, 2020

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