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Emerging Developments SL Review

I invested through marketing company Emerging Developments back in May 2014 for a projected called EcoHouse. Not being from the UK or investing in anything except shares before I took Emerging developments recommendations and support of this project into great consideration to sign up to invest thousands into EcoHouse. Emerging Development had stated all the due diligence was done and provided me with marketing material from EcoHouse themselves. After a few months the investment turned sour and millions has been lost with thousands of investors globally. | I approached Emerging Developments as they had been paid a commission on the investment I put forward to ask them if they would consider returning the commission and not profiting from my loss. They declined to do so. This saddens me greatly as I would never want to profit from someone else’s loss. Ethically it would not sit well with me. | I have done some further digging and there were articles first in November 2013 speculating things were headed south for EcoHouse. I blame myself for not doing correct research at the time but I was naïve and had never invested in something like this before but I feel that Emerging Developments through their due diligence should have come across this article and saved me thousands.

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