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EMPIRE Distribution Review

I been dealing with EMPIRE Distribution since 2017, heard from several people they are no as big as they look over the internet, they realy do have a strong branding, but when its come to Digital Marketing for the clients they work on “Distribution Deals only” the service is just as bad as their workers. | EMPIRE Distribution has a division of Latin Market that is a full of Mess the head of it is Alan Hensley who claim no to know all the artists that are relevant in the latin Market, we have the conversations, he also claim he “was slow on task” because he was the only one that speak spanish and since Empire added a new worker things should improve the reality is that you submit information looking to get an answer in between a week or so, instead you will get holds of up to 5 months on their answer. | When reached Ghazi Shami the owner of EMPIRE he respond to us very disrespectful because we made our claim public, he claimed he will review whats going on and come back to us, we show him we have reach for the past 2 years several of his workers including Nima Etminan who is the VP of EMPIRE Distribution, and who also eail us on March 14 to inquire about our complaint. | They Claim to be the best in the industry and their moto is EMPIRE vs Everyone the reality is EMPIRE Distribution will do nothing to push your music and take percentages of what your music does, make sure you dont fall for their fake advertising on Media, they have “purchase” their access to the elites to make money from the upcoming artists.

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