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https://twitter.com/EMX_Music/status/907339758212325376 | On September 11th, the EMX twitter account hosted a contest for whoever could guess the next member/artists on the EMX roster. The answer would turn out to be PegoBoardNerds. (A group me and and a couple friends of mine are fans of) | In that same post, EMX also stated that the winner of the contest would be announced in the morning of the very next day. (Sept 12, 2017) | A week went past and nobody was notified and it was not posted about by EMX at all. I9ndigo was the only and still is the only one on the post to correctly guess the name of the new artist. | After waiting more than a week, and contacting EsportsArena, (who cannot help in the situation due to them and EMX being separate entities despite being partners) I, I9ndigo, attempted to tweet the official EMX account on twitter and was blocked. | Now, a host of people are on the post asking about who won the Nintendo Switch, and there are rumors of false advertising and unprofessional conduct regarding the blocking. To this day, EMX has given no word and tried to cover up the entire situation. | I have still not received my Switch or any word about it.

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