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Holly Dalton is the worse property manager I have ever dealt with! | She was under contract to manage my home in C. Springs until 12/1/2015. I wanted to fire her more than once but she owed work to repair damages she did not charge the tenant and I was afraid if I fired her I would never get the work completed. Believe me, I should have fired her! | On two occasions she allowed several people to live in the home who were not on the lease. The worse occasion was that there were only supposed to be 2 adults and one child in the house. Then the supposed mother-in-law (no one really knows who she was) moved in. Then there were 5 mattresses on the lower level floor with sheets as curtains like it was some sort of flop house. People were coming and going all times during the day and night and neighbors were constantly complaining. Mind you, this is a two bedroom one bath home! | She allowed pets in the home and it was a pet free lease. She sent a fraudulent invoice to me with the service address (i.e. my property’s address) and the business name blocked out. As if some how I’m going to believe this work was done to my property! | She put the tenants at risk by asking them to handle a rodent problem directly. My homeowners insurance was almost cancelled due to debris she let tenants pile up (4 truckloads of fire hazardous materials) between the wooden privacy fence and the wooded siding house! The landscaped lawn is now dirt. It took her days/weeks to respond. She has no accountability and blames her lack of competence on anyone and anything else she can find. | The only way I knew the condition of my home was through 3rd party information. I’m 5 states away and am sickened by how my home was turned into a hovel under Holly. I would suggest based on my experience…DON’T HIRE HER or any company where she works!!!!

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  1. Maryetta Caswell
    June 16, 2020

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