Encore Upholstery and Design

Encore Upholstery and Design Review

Encore upholstrey and design and there owner Audrey Gregory had written a rip off report against our firm Scorsetti Design in which she claiming monies were owed too her company. IN FACT she overbilled our decorating firm 3 times the cost in which the company she ordered the draperies where actually Scorsetti Design vendor and we made a call to the vendor to factually find out what the real cost of the drapieris were sold. | Audrey Gregory has also decieved Scorsetti Design by going behind the companies back with Scorsetti Design existing clients with out acknowledgement or comunicating that Encore upholstery was working our existing clients behind our companies back. Scorsetti has hired Encore UPholstrey and design multiple times for projects in which multiple times the jobs were not done correctly. Audrey Gregory doesnt show up too the job sites to inspect at all., and that being said there have been muliple Errors on the job sites that Scorsetti Design has hired them for over a 2 year period. | This company Encore Upholstery and design are not trust worthy and very fictious in there statement about Scorsetti Design. NEW CLIENTS BEWARE AND GOOGLE ENCORE UPHOLSTERY AND DESIGN AND NOTICE ONLY 3 STAR SERVICE PERIOD THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT RATING….

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