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Endeavor Capital LLC Review

I have worked for Endeavor From June-August of 2010. In that time I have had worthless work orders, Help Desk technicians that don’t know what they are doing, Wild goose chases for work orders that didn’t need to be done. I even drove from NC to Virginia to a pizza establishment to perform work that didn’t need to be performed. Anyway, I was to install a wireless access point in the establishment so that they could get their orders from the internet. I performed the work and the manager signed off on the paper work but they didn’t pay me for the work that I did because I was called back and told to take everything down, take it home with me and ship it back to the customers office. I wondered why I was installing this equipment because they had XDSL installed and it was running. In fact the customers tech representative called and told me that they don’t know why I was dispatched out there. Here it was that the only problem was that the Mozilla window was not opening to a full screen. I fixed that problem as well. I drove two hours just to get paid $66.00 Then I was down in Greensboro, NC at a card shop installing new routers, switches, and XDSL along with cutting over the line, extending the demarcation, and reconfiguring the POS software. The job was supposed to pay 50.00 per hour for every hour after the initial first two hours. I was there for 5.5 hours. I never got paid for those extra hours. There were other assignments that I had done and was not properly paid for them. Their representatives always want you to go out of state for the work and they say that they will pay for your hotel and travel but you will never get that money either. They will always come up with an excuse as to why they will not pay you.They never tell you how many miles you actually have to drive. Now they are calling me constantly because I have two Vonage modems in my possession that I refuse to give back because they owe me money. I don’t hear anyone talking about paying me what is actually owed to me. | All in all, I would not tell anyone to work for them. If a Lawsuit is commenced on this company “I WANT IN ON IT!”

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