Enrique Grullon

Enrique Grullon Review

Enrique M. Grullon, AKA “Ricky Grullon” is a 24 year old con man from Haverhill, Massachusetts. | Occasionally employed as a “CNA” at various facilities (in the hopes of an elderly person leaving him their estate), Grullon is also a known con man who seeks out older individuals to “take care of him,” while he tells victims what they want to hear. His “M.O.” is to find older gentleman who will “buy him a car,” or “get him a bank account,” and he enjoys receiving Western Union’s from older men, and sometimes women. He occasionally has a friend named “Parker” that joins him in attempts to manipulate older, sometimes grieving individuals in an attempt to gain their trust, and ultimately, fleece them. | Enrique (“Ricky”) could be anywhere. He lies to the person that he allows to be attached to him, and then will disappear the moment that he is revealed. Checking his cell phone or various private emails typically reveals the person that he is, though good luck getting near it. | If you are paired up with “Ricky Grullon” is some manner, you are warned to be very careful of his ways. He utilizes sex to gain the trust of older individuals. You will believe you are all that matters in the world, and then he will disappear, using his family members to aid in his disappearing act. | This is an extremely manipulative group of gold-diggers. Be warned.

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