Enrique Guzman and the “company” (a handful of guys) that is BTL is deceptive in all levels of its operation. Enrique Guzman lies right to your face, with a smile on his own. He has absolutely no problem telling you what you want to hear in order to squeeze more work out of you. He packs more than 10 people into a tiny apartment, doesn’t pay them for weeks on end (because of “funding” issues) and then reams the employees for not working hard enough. Enrique Guzman’s “company”, “Built To Last” has had multiple threats of litigation from large companies such as ADT levied as his, and others’ sales techniques are extremely deceptive. This “Alarm Company” imitates other companies that are major companies in the industry, and makes the customer signing a contract seem like a continuation of their current service for less. This is not the case. | Not only does Enrique Guzman lie to his employees, and not pay them/pay them in any timely manner, but the services provided by BTL are inferior. Often the backup phone line, essential to the operation of an alarm system in the event of the conventional phone line being cut, is never installed. Promised equipment never finds its way to the customer, and many wonder what they even signed for. | For the constant failures/incompetence on his and his upper staff, Enrique Guzman punishes the Salesmen. Those who allow his “business” to even exist are talked out of their money, and made to feel like they are challenging a very honest person. Truth is, there are plenty of smiling liars. Enrique Guzman is one of them. This “CEO” as he calls himself has the audacity to stare people who have come across the country on their own dime to work for him in the face, and make them suffer “just a little longer”. Then he fires them. He guilt trips, he’ll spin, he’ll make all in the industry look shady and like a bad guy before he’ll admit the slightest err. | Enrique Guzman and “BTL” need to fail. They need to be swept in the wind of legal litigation by these larger companies and sent far away. Enrique has no business signing any new salesmen, or clients. Whether he intends to screw them or not is not really the question. But his consistency in having an excuse for all, and his not providing the cash or services to his employees or his clients deems him unfit for the business world and ought to be stopped from handling something as important as Home Security. | Smiling or not smiling, a liar’s a liar. And this liar ought to be stopped and sued for his damages to employees, clients, and other companies.

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