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Enterprise Services Group is a Scam Run by People who Have Been Arrested by the FBI for fraud. The top secrete officers of Enterprise Services Group are trying to trick you. | Fran Santore (52) CEO of ROR & Steven Cox ( 48) were both arrested . | As for the ethics of Resort Ownership Resolutions which is now trying to fool you by changing their name to Enterprise Services Group. They arent just trying to trick consumers, they even tried to trick the Nashville TN by saying a company is Vegas was buying them out. You can look these guys up on Google, Fran Santore FBI or Steve Cox FBI and see for yourself. | They change the name of their company which was Resort Ownership Resolutions (ROR) to Enterprise Services Group. They are trying to trick the public instead of being honest and this is how they did it. First they registered the LLC as a Nevada company because this is the one state where you can register a company without having your names attached to it. This way there is no way to find out who owns the company. | From there, they booked a virtual office 297 Kingsbury Grade Lake Tahoe, NV. 89449 which brings you to http://www.kingsburyexecutivesuites.com . This is done to trick you to think they are located there because they will give you a mailing address that will forward mail where they need it to go and it will give you an internet telephone number that will forward where they need it to go. As of today it is forwarding to Ron Makinos cell phone in NJ. They are currently trying to hide their locations on the main site as to not connect Resort Ownership Resolutions with their new name. The problem is that can only last for so long.

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