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EON Clinics – First surgery on 07 January 2014 | In November/December 2013 I had an appointment with “doctor” Kerry Voit. I had 3-D CAT scan & I was told that I have enough bone to have implants (All 4 in 1 procedures). By the way, 2 months after my second surgery he was fired from this company. | In late December 2013 I had a “blood work” done with my family doctor Seng Leong from Good Shepard Hospital. The result from the test was OK & I was scheduled to have the surgery on January 07, 2014 at EON Clinics | On 07 January 2014, I had the first surgery at EON Clinics (Hoffman Estates). Something with anesthesia went wrong during the surgery. I was constantly waking up from pain screaming. My hands & legs were tighten to the chair. I was told that I was jumping like “crazy”. What I remember during the surgery is how Doctor Stephen Sutherland was constantly giving me “shots” to kill the pain. After the surgery he told me that he never gave so many shots to anybody & blame me that I am too strong for my 59 years age. I was never told what kind of damage was done during the surgery, never. Later I found that bone was broken on upper right & left side of my jaw. Also, all 4 upper implants are sticking too much in nasal cavity (although I have enough bone) & infection begun. | Because of the issue with anesthesia, Doctor Sutherland could not finish “All 4 in 1 procedure”. At this time all of mine teeth were extracted & only 4 implants were installed on upper jaw. I had temporary “healing” brace on upper jaw. On lower jaw, I had stiches only. | St. Alexius Medial Center – Emergency Room (07 January 2014) | At the end of the day/surgery (07 January 2014) I was taken to “Emergency room” with my wife & anesthesia doctor from EON Clinics (I really do not remember too much from this evening) I had an X-ray & after in 1-2 hours I was sent home | EON Clinics – Second surgery on 21 January 2014 | Two weeks later, on 21 January 2014 I had a second surgery to install 4 implants on lower jaw. This time EON Clinics ordered anesthesia from “anesthesia.com” & there was somebody else to help. (I refused to pay $1500 additional for this anesthesia) | EON Clinics – Third & Forth surgeries (March to May 2014) | I had 2 more surgery in EON Clinics to “fix” the damage in upper jaw, but without success. Twice on upper “right” & once on upper left jaw. These people/doctors were not telling me the truth about my conditions, never. | In May when the situation got worse & I had difficulties breathing, I was told (from Loni Vasquez) to get some help outside of EON Clinics. Later on, she was fired also from EON Clinics | Advocate Sherman Hospital – Doctor David S. Hammer on 05 May 2014 | On May 05, 2014 I met Doctor Hammer. I had MRI done & after short treatment Doctor Hammer recommended to get help from Loyola Medical Center. He recommended to see Doctor Kevin Welch from Loyola for further treatment | Loyola Medic Center – Doctor Kevin Welch | I saw Doctor Welch in early July of 2014. I had another MRI/Cad scan he scheduled a surgery. At this time I lost my “sense of smell”, could not smell anything. On 21 JULY 2015 I had endoscopic sinus surgery at Loyola Medical Center done by Dr. Kevin Welch. This was the result of EON mistake also. My sinus were plugged & I could not breathe. After five mounts recovery period, Doctor Welch recommended to see Doctor McLeod (from Loyola Oral Surgery) since my case was very serious (all of the implants were inside of nasal cavity). Doctor Welch still thinks the implants should be removed because of future issues which will cause. And “YES” he has never seen anything like that with implants sticking so deep inside of nasal cavities. | Loyola Medical Center – doctor McLeod | On December 22, 2014 I had surgery (to close the opening in my upper jaw) at Loyola Medical Center. The surgery was very complicated & I had to stay for 2 days in ER to recover (22 & 23 December). Then I had to stay at home for 2 more weeks. I was told that the damage from EON Clinics was much more than doctors expected. As I mentioned to you, the bone in my upper jaw was damaged (missing) on both upper sides (there is some bone left only in the middle). The bottom part of sinus on both sides were damaged & there were openings approximately 1” x 1/8”. Doctors had to rebuild both of the sinus openings inside, add some layers between sinus & “meat” inside my mount. Before the surgery, doctors were thinking to take bone from some other part of my body & implant it, to replace the missing bone. However, the damage/opening was huge & they decided at this time to try to close the “gaps”. Doctors from Loyola have not seen damage like that and have no idea how licensed doctor can do it. The nurses from all shifts in ER were advising me to sue EON Clinics & to make sure whoever did this to me, should not have a license anymore (especially Christina, the nurse from night shift which spend hours with me trying to stop the bleeding after the surgery). Regarding the 4 upper implants which are sticking in nasal cavities, doctors are still trying to save them by covering them with additional layer inside the nasal cavities. However, there is no guaranty that this will work as they told me. At least they are trying to do everything possible to help me. I was told that doctors do not know if this “closure” on my upper jaw will stay & for how long. If I feel something is not right to go & see them again. | Loyola Medical Center – doctor Kace | In March 2015 Doctor Kace started to prepare my future dentures which I have since late May. It’s not the best, but, at least I can eat some “hard” food.

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