Equifax Review

I have been fighting with Equifax for two years now. I simply moved and requested that my security. freeze be transfered to my new state, and that was it. They have shut down my credit file. I cannotaccess it, nor can creditors. There is only one agency that apparently oversees Equifax, but after going through the trouble of complaining with them (Consumer Finance Protection) ALL they say is, “Sorry, we can’t represent you.” Huh? This is a government agency that supposedly oversees Equifax, but the best they can do is suggest I sue Equifax? Does anyone have interest in a class action lawsuit? I never signed up with Equifax, I am forced to use them, but here I am held hostage. I cannot access my credit file and the only solution is to sue them? Like I have $$ for something like this. | Again, if anyone is interested in a class action lawsuit, PLEASE e-mail me. In the meantime, any place I apply for credit that uses Equifax, I will and have been denied because they are not allowing anyone access to my credit file, including myself. | I feel completely helpless. Anyone else having similar difficulties with Equifax?

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