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Eric Dones Chef Services Review

I hired “chef” Eric Dones adter he replied to an ad I placed online for a chef to cook at 4 upcoming holiday parties. Eric said he was well experineced ,showed a large resume spanning over 15 years. Eric did come across as a bit creepy, he talked a mile a minute and peered nervously through his glasses in a way that just made me uneasy. Nevrtheless I was in need of a chef and I took a chance . First day on the job it was clear Eric was no more then a lbeginner ine cook Kitchen staff advised ne to get rid of him but I actuallu felt bad for him and kept him on. He burned a slamon dish on the first day,t dropped full pots and pans ,took numerous breaks and even walked out “sick”before the last course was to be served, | Well I wish I could just say this guy is a lousey worker but no . Here is why I am writing this warning :On vEric’s his last day he told me the main dish on the menu was bot going to wrok and he needed $200 to go to the store and purchase some items including the main dish . Eric never returned! We also found several items missing from my kitchen such as knives, a sclae ,caviar and wine . I feel so stupid for hiring this man without doing a background check. | This man is a fraud a labpr faker and simply a creep. DO NOT pay this man upfront or trust him in any way. I all my years of hiring I have never dealt with anyone lower then this louse. BEWARE PEOPLE learn from my mistake.

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