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Report Filed: Eric towing Fortworth I was moving from where I live so I moved my 2004 Volkswagen Jetta, but the car died. We moved it to a business parking lot with no signage or note on cars being towed. Took the battery to auto zone. I picked up the battery but decided to finish moving. On Tuesday October 13, 2015 after dropping my kids in school. I checked on it. There was still no sign on the car to move it or a tow sign in the area. I called a friend of mine, Brian and we were going to move it that evening. I drive to the location by 6.00 pm to wait for Brian. My car was not there and a sign just appeared from no where on the property. I called them to put my car back. The lady gave me an email address but I needed to research and get legal help against this ripoff. Fortworth Tx!!

I Was moving from where I used to live on san Ramon dr, so I had to move my volk jette. When I started the car I had problems because it is stick shift and I ran off the battery. I needed a place to park it so I can take the battery to auto zone to be charged. i continue moving my stuff with a uhaul truck while checking on the car several times a day.on the morning of October 13, 2015, after dropping off my kids, I drove by as usual to check on it. I then called my friend Brian, who was going to hell me drive the car. i drove over to to the location to wait for Brian, so we can pick the call. To my amazement my car was gone a tow sign appeared out of no where, not even a warning sign. i called the number listed and told them they towed the car illegally , the lady asked me to email my complaint to [email protected] i decided to contact a lawyer first and seek legal help

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