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Erik Mellby Real Estate Review

Erik Mellby bought a house and then “flipped” it to me in 2018. Numerous defects, poor workmanship, and blatant disregard for quality has led me to THOUSANDS of dollars in repair costs… | When I wanted to make an offer on the house, Erik demanded that I use him solely as representation, he said that getting another agent involved was a “deal killer” and that if I wanted to buy the house the only way he would allow me to purchase the house is if I agreed to this. | Erik then required me to use a Home Inspection that he had previously ordered. | Unfortunately, remodeling/construction defects do not always reveal themselves right after the work is done – same on the property that Erik flipped to me. One (of many) issues was the shotty stucco job Erik completed. Erik failed to use “best practices” in the application of the stucco, confirmed by the original stucco contractor. | When that same contractor came out to look at the horrible cracking that occurred (when Erik sold me the house it was a minor crack), the Stucco guy said he showed Eric a video of an industry standard application method, that a mesh should be applied to “smooth stucco finishes” – but that Erik said “the cracks won’t show until long after I close on the house”, and that Erik was more interested in cutting corners than doing the work correctly. | The stucco guy said that not installing the mesh saved Erik about $4,000. When I asked Erik about fixing the stucco, sarcastically he told me “you were stupid to trust a California flipper in the first place…”, then he bragged about paying taxes on his profit “$200,000+ in taxes” he said on selling me the property. | Erik is a disgrace to the real estate profession!

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