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Ernest Wilson may wish you to settle their invoice, but they will not easily give up their supposed ‘rights’ to Commission if you do sell your business/property after you have paid them. If you do discuss and/or write to them to agree a settlement figure, that is hopefully lower than the monetary amount that they wish to charge, ensure it is IN FULL AND FINAL SETTLEMENT of their advertising fees. Their ‘advertisement’ is often just one-inch square, words only, in a free newspaper. It is often alleged that the advertisement, the ‘product’ of Ernest Wilson’s ‘service’, is ‘not fit for purpose’ and bears no resemblance to the full-colour sales details that Ernest Wilson may have produced when you ‘agreed’ to Ernest Wilson’s services. So the full-colour sales details are a written Misrepresentation of what is eventually used. Your ‘agreement’ was via a four-page, extremely small-print document with writing on both sides. The terms were written in ‘Estate Agent Language’ that you probably did not understand at the time you signed. Their ‘sole selling rights’ terms do not accord fully with the Estate Agents (Provision of Information) Regulations 1991. If Ernest Wilson take you to court, please find this information useful; ensure you get the ‘other’ first page of the document they keep, via a Subject Access Request (SAR) made via the Data Protection Act according to the rules of the Information Commissioners Office – you write to Ernest Wilson and ask for everything they have regarding you and your business. If Ernest Wilson’s Terms do not state that the document you signed is ‘business-to-business’ and it names you personally as the contracting party, then there may be scope for you to claim Consumer Rights according to the 2015 Act, especially if you signed at home or at work.

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  1. Mirian Cantero
    June 16, 2020

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