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I can concur with the above reviews…I was sold on how much we were going to save…and then the paperwork was put in front of me, just like above, and I signed and initialed all the pages – just standard stuff – can cancel, etc. I was NOT informed with regards to the 48 month NON-CANCELABLE lease…you would think that would be important to stress to your client and that they would be paying an extra & 036;80 per month for the privilege of the machine and then when the 48 months is over, it will cost you another & 036;150 for them to take the machine back, all within the span of 30 days of the end of the contract or else you are obligated again! That’s & 036;3840 for a machine that is not yours! I bought one new for & 036;700!!! | Oh, don’t worry, we will cancel your current merchant services account and take care of any early cancellation fees…NOT!!! I was told month after month they were taking care of it, they even had me sign a letter that they were going to send to my prior merchant processor but they never did. Finally, after 6 months of paying TWO processors, I had to call to cancel myself and got hit with an early termination fee of & 036;500!!!! | NOTHING BUT DISGUST FOR THIS "COMPANY"!!!

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