Essence Unlimited - Scentura Creations

Essence Unlimited - Scentura Creations Review

Report Filed: Essence Unlimited – Scentura Creations ripoff Scam, no one ever gets their own company Their motto is Ha Ra for Me & Screw Everyone Else. Deer Park New York!!

They have you thinking that one day they will help you own your own company. The only thing the don’t tell you is that you have to sell large number of bottles of product to do this. Once you more up trought the six different badgets you have to sell 1500 piece in a short period of time to get you own business. It’s not easy to sell the product because people want the real deal. The stuff they sell is watered down. In the pitch they teach they say that they get $50 for the 3.3oz bottles normally but today the boss is letting it go for just $30 or $25. They were never selling them for $50. They also tell you to tell people that it’s a promo box and bottle. It is always in the same box and bottle. They tell you to tell people that we just came from a trade show. There has never been a trade show. They teach you to lie to everyone. The people are out there day and night. While Bob & Lori Coffey reap the reward. They are they owners of the Deer Park Office. They teach you the PMA=OPM. If you have a Postive Mental Attitude your will get Other People’s Money. Their motto is Ha Ra for Me & [email protected]#& Everyone Else. We are to walk fast, talk fast, haul a*s, take cash & rehash. I just say that if you’re in one of these scams get out while you still can. I sent more money getting to work everyday than I every made on the job. I worked my a*s off for them and got nothing in return. Barbara Deer Park, New YorkU.S.A.

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