Evelyn Gutman

Evelyn Gutman Review

Evelyn Gutman, 33 yrs old lives in Los Angeles, in her David Tverskoy house in my Olympus. She borrowed money from me under the pretense that she was gonna go to jail if she didn’t pay her court fines. She cried and I felt sorry for her and loaned her the money. After this she made up a bunch of Lies like her grandma had the money and then had a stroke (actually had me prey for her grandma 2 times which is rediculous). | She is just a con artist liar and beware and don’t fall victim and loan her money. Than you will be like me, a good person who got conned and lied to by her. Had her grandpa threatened to send people after me. Still have not received a penny. Beware, big con artist. | her uncle David Tverskoy said he would pay if her dad didn’t, that he would provide his number, never did, and then he said he wouldnt pay now even though Evelyn lives in his house in mt Olympus and Evelyns only form of income is the tenants downstairs and he lets her keep that money and wasn’t willing to allow me to keep a small fraction of it to go torwards repayment, and her mom Lana Gutman said she would pay and said she wants to sit down and talk to me and I don’t need any more of my time wasted, just repay me. | I don’t understand why these people can’t understand that I loaned them money and they want me to sit down like I owed them something, I provided them my account and routing number and am willing to spend more time to help them make deposits which is rediculous, as far as the promises to repay, we will see if that’s just added to the list of lies. | I have not received a red cent and Evelyn is the biggest scam artist I have encountered, honestly she needs mental help from a doctor however after talking to her mom it made a bunch more sense that her mom had her side like it’s ok to con artist scam people and then waste their time and not repay them and just talk and talk with no repayment action. | Her mom was calling me from Moscow Russia because she is not allowed yet back into the USA because of her criminal fraud background. I would think if she called she could have been nice and said sorry my daughter Evelyn is a scam con artist and I’m sorry you fell victim to her con job. I understand your position and will try to help you get repaid. | Her mom did say she would repay me on her behalf even though her uncle told Evelyn that Evelyn with go start making monthly payments. She also mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to collect anything if I sued so not sure if those mixed messages meant I was gonna get paid, hopefully I do as this has been a huge hassle, waste of time, and loss of money. | I wish this upon no one and the purpose of this is so Evelyn does not take advantage of anyone else.

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