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During the Dell Match Up PGA Tournament in March 2018, my husband worked for Event Aces and spoke frequently with Dino and Derrick regarding when he would be paid for the work he performed. My husband was given a Pay Card with instructions from Dino to “not activate the card until April 5th”. Big surprise, there was no pay on the card April 5th or anytime since then. | My husband called and texted Dino MULTIPLE times requesting his pay and was finally told that a check was in the mail and would arrive by April 11th. There is no check in the mail (Big Surprise). We searched online for the corporate office contact information for Event Aces and it is located in New York; however, nobody answered the phone. | We were shocked and appalled at all the NUMEROUS complaints all across the country of Event Aces not paying their employees and committing fraud. HOW ARE THEY NOT IN JAIL FOR THIS???! Who do we need to contact besides the IRS fraud dept and the Federal Wage and Labor Board to report this company and these people? This has GOT to STOP–too many innocent people who really need the money to live off of are being hired fraudulently AND providing these men and this company with their personal information during their application process. | Hello identity theft–now we have to double scour our credit reports!

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