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I gave excelerate leasing a & 036;3000 down payment on a truck that they said passed a dot inspection. It took almost 6 weeks before the truck was ready to pick up. I finally got the truck, had 2 flat tires and a serious air leak. They fixed the tires but couldn’t get the part for airleak. Said i could take the truck and come back to have it fixed. Took it to my shop and it failed dot inspection. I called and talked to chris carter monday and he said i had to have his shop repair any issues. I asked why and said that was my only option. I would have to take more time off work and rent a car in order to return the truck to their shop. As i was trying to work out a plan to return the truck my shop called me and said the fuel tank sprung a leak a had leaked a lot of fuel on the ground. I told excelerate to we needed to make arrangements for them to get the truck because i wasn’t going to drive it back 3hrs back to indy. They came and got the truck this weekend and refuse to refund my & 036;3000,now i will be taking them to court. This was going to be my back up truck so i never got a chance to drive it. Dont trust these people unless you have extra time and money to fight them in court.

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  1. Dorine Carruthers
    June 16, 2020

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