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Elizabeth Vanover (Lam) with Executive Marketing Collective talks a great game and knows all the right words to say. She claims to do press releases, cold calling, email marketing, print marketing, and social media posts. The only thing we every receive from her service was social media posting about silly stuff like National Ice Cream day. | She created this very childish worksheets showing the number of calls that her team was making, but all it was, was dates and numbers and they were always updated on Sunday mornings usually 2-3 weeks late. She got us a client via cold calling that was really interested in services, but the appointment never made it to our calendar and every time we questioned she would never give us the date and would tell that she would at it to our calendar which never happened. | She did slip up 1 time and give us the name of this supposed client, but this client wasn’t on the call list that she provided us for our area, so I am unsure how she would have know to contact them. We googled them and couldn’t find them, but we did find a client with a similiar name. We reached out to verify an appointment that was set and they knew nothing about it and weren’t the size that she claimed this client was. | I do not recommend this Elizabeth Vanover or Lam with Executive Marketing Collective as she seems to traveling the world on small businesses hard earned money.

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  1. Gerda Iwaoka
    June 16, 2020
  2. Micheal Philyaw
    June 16, 2020

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