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Hello everyone Please do not work for this company Executive Marketing Group LLC they are very unprofessional and do not know how to run a business. They have not even been in business that long only for 3 months since Aug 2017. The two owners in question are Chris Vehovec and Cary Perlman. They are in their mid 20’s which probably shouldnt matter but they have no business sense whatso ever about how to talk to their IC people working from home for them I had only been with them a month and was let go because. First off we would all talk in Skype and ask questions related to business I did anyways if I didnt know a answer. And they would say cuss words in the chat room that was only for work and also just let other talk how ever they feel etc. | It did not feel like a professionally run business you can work from home. And also the line of business they did was a patient advocate to help people save on their prescriptions and different things they needed to alleviate pain they were having for little or no cost to them thru medicare or their insurance company. So why I thin they are scamming people like the many different things you hear about companies like this. Oh and also when the owner Chris let me go here is a skype convo which is not very professional in my opinion. | [11/9/2017 1:23:17 PM] Chris Vehovec: Me and Cary talked and we can’t keep you any longer [11/9/2017 1:23:42 PM] Chris Vehovec: You will still get paid obviously [11/9/2017 1:23:54 PM] Carmelita D Wiley: well yes and the reason Chris [11/9/2017 1:26:31 PM] Chris Vehovec: We just think it’s best [11/9/2017 1:34:39 PM] Chris Vehovec: Ever since last Friday when you freaked out about me forgetting to pay you I’ve been thinking about it. And you just complain a lot and haven’t been producing and it’s bringing the others down. Sorry it didn’t work out [11/9/2017 1:43:24 PM] Carmelita D Wiley: Well Chris that’s your opinion just make sure you pay me what you owe me this Friday tomorrow for last week and then for this week next Friday okay [11/9/2017 1:43:38 PM] Chris Vehovec: Yep [11/9/2017 1:48:19 PM] Carmelita D Wiley: Chris DONT forget any patients I have gotten either okay [11/10/2017 7:57:20 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: Okay Chris when you pay me today for my hours from last week Oct 30-Nov3rd 2017 my hours were 27 hours and so that would be 270 dollars thanks [11/10/2017 9:00:10 AM] Chris Vehovec: Ok [11/10/2017 9:12:55 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: yes [11/10/2017 10:17:04 AM] Chris Vehovec: hey Carmelita which google wallet was yours again? [11/10/2017 10:17:06 AM] Chris Vehovec: I’m sending now [11/10/2017 10:17:10 AM] Chris Vehovec: so I don’t forget [11/10/2017 10:17:33 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: [email& 160;protected] [11/10/2017 10:17:43 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: thank you [11/10/2017 10:18:43 AM] Chris Vehovec: sent [11/10/2017 10:18:47 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: okay [7:48:23 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: Hey Chris this is my last check you are gonna pay me today for 29 hours for last week Monday-Friday 11/6-11/10 2017 29 hours [7:48:25 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: Thanks [9:04:07 AM] Chris Vehovec: You were only logged in for a total of 21 hours [9:10:06 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: okay then pay for my21 hours then Chris okay [9:10:37 AM] Chris Vehovec: Carmelita I’m going to pay you stop telling me to pay you lol [9:11:09 AM] Chris Vehovec: You have been shady about everything from the first day. You don’t have to message me 20 times about paying you it’s annoying as f**k [9:17:40 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: how soon [9:18:02 AM] Chris Vehovec: Idk when I feel like it [9:20:07 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: No its gonna be today Chris Im in mood to play your stupid games and you have to pay me today since Friday is pay so I can be done with you faster you pay me the better okay thank you So you can be out of my hair and me out of your okay!! [9:20:54 AM] Chris Vehovec: I don’t play games you’re the one that keeps telling me to pay you. I’m a good guy and you have been acting like I’m shady from day one [9:21:02 AM] Chris Vehovec: So if you think I play games f**k you [9:21:26 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: Im not ARGUEING with you all I want is my pay today Chris [9:21:33 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: no later [9:27:54 AM] Carmelita D Wiley: okay Chris Here is the skype convo so PLEASE watch out for this company they are very unprofessional !!! plus as I did further investigation and one of the owners Chris is a felon and here is a article about his arrest http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/crime–law/police-man-robbery-account-leaves-out-escort-fake-crack/O59clL7fnehmdlz43WUK3I/

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