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Express Vitals Review

I intercepted an email that came into my spam box and noted that I had no business relationship with this company called express vitals. I wrote to express vitals advising them I did not authorize the charge to my credit card with their company. The individual who wrote back to me on several occasions just ignored the fact that my credit card had unauthorized use and told me there would be no refund. Then an individual name Robert kept taunting me regarding the refund of my credit card charges when I did not authorize any charge to my card for express vitals. The company response was very unprofessional and in my strong opinion a scam to take money from individuals. I further informed them that the services they performed is ridiculous in my opinion and that anyone can just go the the state they were born in to get a copy of their birth certificate or contact the state via the internet for the appliaction. I myself would “never” pay $95 for a copy of my birth certificate when I can get it from the state that issued it for like $15-$20 on my own. Why would I even consider risking giving ID information to a company I don’t even know. I highly suggest to anyone that wants their birth certificate to not use this company but just google the state you were born in to get a copy of your birth certificate. Why deal with, in my opinion a scammer and an unprofessional company.

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