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I began working with Dale Noe the owner in November 2016. He said I needed a new roof and met with my insurance adjuster who agreed and wrote up an estimate. I also needed a paint job and some minor repairs on the trim. I repeatedly asked him for a written estimate and contract so I could look at how he was arriving at $4,000. After telling him I wasn’t comfortable with writing a check for $2500 up front he agreed to full payment when the work was completed. The house was painted and repairs were done with a few missed places, some paint on patio and front glass door from spray gun. The clear plastic covering over porch is | brown now but was to be replaced when roof was completed. When he came to pick up the check I went over the areas to be touched up when he returned to do the roof. Dec. 14 – did repairs and caulking to prepare for paint. Dec. 30 – said he wanted to do roof job within a day or two of paint job. | Jan. 26 – did painting – except what is noted above. Feb 12 – signed contract for roof. Gave check for $3,177.00 Feb 24 – claims he is still waiting on permit from City of Garland Mar. 21 – Check was cashed, claims it was by accident and said my roof was scheduled for May. Apr 4 & 5 -asked about date for roof. -no response May 5 & 7 -again asked about date | for roof -again no response May 10 – said he was in meeting would call that evening. May 11 – asked for date was given June 20. June 20 – said couldn’t put it on if there was a chance of rain. 0% was forcast for 2 days and he didn’t respond to that comment. June 22 – said he left phone at job site. I looked up permit website to see if one had been applied for for my property address. It showed nothing. He said it probably expired. I asked him to take a picture of the permit he had and send it to me and he said he was out of town. He also informed me that he had 365 days to put that roof on as per the contract I signed. I did not find that | anywhere on the contract. I did however find that per the contract the initial payment was to be picked up 1 week prior to the start date. He did not respond to that comment. I was very happy with the paint job and was thinking of recommending him to several people who needed someone and when I told him those were off the table he informed me that he didn’t really care because he was already booked a year out. July 2 – Has had my $3,177.00 for 15 WEEKS now and Garland permit office has had not request for a permit for my address.

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