F4 Motors Alpharetta

F4 Motors Alpharetta Review

I intended to purchase a 2012 BMW X5 from F4 Motors. I emailed through their ebay listing and someone responded to my message and provided a cell phone number for me to call. His name was Ben from F4 motors. After I asked few questions, i told him that I will see the car physically. I live in Long Island NY and Georgia is 14 hr drive. I wanted to pay a $500 deposit with my credit card this way they hold the car for me until i travel down to GA. I didnt want to take a 14 hr drive and then ending up being told that the car is sold. Ben was out of the office during the call and he was going to give me a call in 20 min when he gets back to the office to get my cr.card info. I waited several hours and he didn’t call me back. I told him that i need to make my plan according to his call but he never called me. I called over ten times and I was not able to reach to any one to finalize my conversation to make my schedule. Ben sounded very reluctant to sell the car to me for an unexplainable reason and he was disregarding my calls. I was the customer and he was the seller and i was willing to pay the full price for the car for $16k. But he never returned my calls. I took this as a disrespect and insult and I was very frustrated. Very unprofessional company and a very unprofessional resperesentative. They are selling the car without having the title in hand… This was a very big disappointment for me. Terrible experience. I would rate with a “0” star feedback but unfortunately but one star is the lowest i can go. A business should not treat its customers like this.. STAY AWAY STAY AWAY

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