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Falcon Glen Apartments Review

I have lived here since May,2016. I filed a request for overhead lighting in parking area to be fixed when I moved in, also reported dog feces in dog area and out lying property was very bad and needed to be cleaned. It is September, 2016 and nothing has been done, however they charge an outside maintenance fee called “cam fee” of $20.15 per month for lighting and maintenance. In protest I have refused to pay one month but have paid the other months out of fear of their reprisals. My toilet hasn’t flushed without me pouring water into tank for 3 days, yet they won’t fix that. My cooking range has 3 burners that are at an angle making cooking impossible to do without pans tilting. These things have all been reported by phone,in person and in writing but are ignored. I have talked to other tenants here and we are all experiencing the same problem….so far everyone I’ve talked to has said when their lease is up they are moving out. I talked to an ex judge who said he used to have Falcon Glen Apartments come through his court all the time and they are what’s considered a slum Lord. I pay almost $ 900 a month for a one bedroom apartment that had dirty carpets,damaged cabinets and rusted caulked over bath room sink and tub when I moved in. It is almost impossible to cool because of lack of insulation. I have an Emotional Support dog and explained to them they needed to come on days I am home, little did I know they had no intention of coming anyway. I am going to file a report with attorney general so I am hoping I can at least get an acknowledgement from them saying they will fix these things.

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