I found this dog breeder on, I emailed him and asked if he had a website. He gave me his website and I looked it over. I googled him and came up with nothing. I called and asked what kind of training the puppy was getting. He said the puppy was being crate trained in his garage and that his children took the dog out every day after school. The puppy was supossed to be up to date on all shots. | I drove a long way to get the dog and when I got there the first thing I noticed was a huge barn. Coming from the barn was a lot of barking, it sounded like there was a lot of puppies in the barn. The puppy I was supposed to get was really 6 months old. When I reached out to touch the puppy, he reared back and wouldnt let me. I have young children so I told the guy I couldnt take the puppy. He seemed very upset and offered to take money off. I asked if there were any other puppies avalable and he went into the barn and brought back another puppy. | This puppy was a litte younger and didnt seem as skittish so I bought him. He was very dirty and had feces in his fur. (The other puppy was all bathed and brushed) The only reason I hadent bailed was because at that point I was feeling very bad for the puppies and thought at least I would be able to save one and then I would work on saving the rest from home. | When I brought him to the vet a couple days later she told me he needed a hernia repair. She also asked what kind of toys I was giving him. I told her I had just brought the puppy home and she said his teeth were cracked and chipped. His teeth were supposed to be pointed and sharp and they are flat and worn down. | I noticed on the sellers website that the puppy I bought was listed a “akc” puppy. I had not recived any paper work so I called the ACK and they asked for his name. Thats when I realized that the name on his bussiness card is diffrent then the name he was using everywhere else. The ACK said that he has not registered any litters since 2005 and thefore I couldnot register my puppy. I asked if he could advertise that way and she said there was nothing they could do. I google his real name and came up with all sorts of bad information. I would have never even contacted this man if he was using his real name Dave Chupp. I also dug around on diffrent websites like and and saw that he was working under several diffrent names. on puppyfind he had 100 puppies listed for sale under 2 diffrent names.

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