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Farnsworth Enterprises (essentially Doug Farnsworth and his assistant) located in Riverton Utah (formerly Draper, UT) was hired to build a swimming pool and spa as part of a large backyard project. Contracts were signed in the summer of 2012 and the swimming pool was dug, plumbed and gunite was applied in the fall of 2012. | Farnsworth also claimed he had the ability to perform more of the project than just the pool and spa and contracted also to do the pool decking, stone stairs leading to the patio, build a fire pit and an outdoor shower and drinking fountain. | Most of those things were completed in 2013, but some were paid for entirely and never completed or done in a hap hazard manner causing concern about safety. For example, stairs they built have a 4 ½ inch variance between one stair and the next and one stair has a 10 ½ inch rise on it — well outside of building code and the transition from one stair to the next causes many to trip on the stairs. Repeated requests to have this corrected were ignored! | As of summer of 2015, 3 years after the project start, the shower and drinking fountain beyond plumbing lines run, although paid for in full, were never even started. | Additionally, the pool and spa are plumbed together so that the spa can be filled from the pool and vice versa. Some poor design or faulty component is causing the spa to constantly leak into the pool, effectively draining the spa constantly. An empty spa runs the risk of cracking plaster and is obviously frustrating when we go to use the spa to find it empty. Farnsworth made several attempts in 2014 to rectify the problem but in the end it was never fixed and persists today. | Repeated attempts to contact Farnsworth in 2015 to finish the work and fix outstanding problems were unanswered. Phone calls went to voice mail, voicemails were never returned. I even pleaded with Farnsworth in voice mails to please finish the work because my daughter’s wedding and reception were to be held in my backyard in June. Still no response. | When I finally sent a series of letters via certified and regular mail, responses from Farnsworth by mail offered excuses and no acknowledgement of unfinished work. By this point I had to hire another contractor to finish the work and had to pay this new contractor for the work that Farnsworth had already been paid to do. I sent Farnsworth copies of invoices paid to the other contractor and photos of the unsafe and incomplete work, asking for compensation in the amount of the unfinished work. These requests were denied | All I can do now is sue Farnsworth for the reimbursement of money paid for work not done in an attempt to make me whole, but at the same time I am hoping to prevent others from facing a similar situation. Buyer beware !!

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