FASTSIGNS International. Inc.

FASTSIGNS International. Inc. Review

I have been working at the Burnaby location of FastSigns, also Radiant Image, for almost three years and finally have had enough of the mental and emotional abuse and getting paid way less than the minimum wage, which is currently $10.25/hr. Working 40-45 hours, on average, each week, I should be getting paid way more than $1,000 per month, but $1,000 per month is all they would pay me here for those hours, while expecting me to come in every morning from Monday to Friday at 8:30am and having me stay until anywhere between 5:00pm and 5:30pm. Sometimes they would have me stay even later, but not very often. | Not only is this company too cheap to pay the minimum wage, the person running the shop is also violent and has anger issues. He’s even gone as far as to swing a Stainless steel baseball bat at me. On an almost daily basis, I have had to endure his mental and emotional abuse, like yelling at me in front of everyone, and calling me insulting names. Sometimes he’d be yelling at me over the stupidest little things or something that is of no fault of my own. I’ve never had any boss, in the past, behave like this guy does. He is totally disrespectful to me, referring to me as “Fat a*.” If I offered any input or advice, during the morning meetings, he’d just belittle me. Sometimes I think he is setting me up to be yelled at, by omitting some critical information for doing the job, or putting the wrong information on the work order, like the one time when the cloned work order said red letters on yellow reflective, instead of white reflective, etc. | This guy is also creepy! For some reason, this creepy guy likes to rub my belly. Other times, he’d pretend to reach for or kick me in the crotch. Now how creepy is that? He even spits water at me. Gross!

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