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Favor Delivery Review

First, the website would not give me a total until the next day. Second, they told me AFTER I ORDERED that they were doubling the usual tip "in order to get more drivers"; Third it took over 35 minutes for the order to be phoned in and then an hour and 15 minutess to be delivered; fourth, they added a 30%tip to the oerder without asking me, plus a & 036;1.89 "processing fee" again without asking me, and because they did not tell me theay had already tipped the driver (without my permission) I gave her a 20%tip, so on a & 036;21.00 order she got over & 036;11, or 50%tip!!! So to summarize, my supper order took almost 2 hours, and my & 036;21 order cost me & 036;34, or 61%more than if I had gone and picked it up myself. When I tried to text them back about this I only got a standard response text. Will NEVER use them again.

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