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Fire all the idiots with the Federal Trade Commission who have completely failed consumers with lack of protection. The Police don’t give a crap about robocalls. The robocall idiots simply program a different caller ID (fake) and the problem never gets solved. Why pay the FTC if the only solutions is to have the consumer block the calls. Idiots with the FTC simply don’t get it. Put the robocallers in Jail. Stiffer penalties. Outlaw the devices that allow these robocallers to harass consumers on a daily basis. When a consumer calls the FTC the report should generate an investigation and the cellular provider must provide the call log and where the call was generated from. When the cellular providers get tired of the FTC pulling these reports they will stop the robocallers from abusing the phone lines on their system. Don’t say this can’t be done you idiot MF (mother [email& 160;protected] [email& 160;protected] ers). Fire the d**n FTC people in charge of this problem because they have failed for many years in creating a solution. | They are stupid and lazy. Tom Pahl – you are an idiot. Lois Greisman – YOU ARE FIRED! Julius Knap – YOU ARE FIRED. You are clueless. Learn how to use a computer and track the robocallers and put them in jail – for long terms. Not a slap on the hand. Jim McEachern – you are an idiot. Help consumers with a powerful way to track these robocalls you SOB. You are the lazy fool that allows this crap. Krista Witanowski – Fired – for complete incompetence. Wireless carriers – slap them with fines when they do nothing to stop these robocalls. If your system can’t easily see who is dialing over and over and over moment after moment – you are idiots for not creating a system that can stop robocallers from taking over your phone lines and switch equipment. Julius Knap – nothing is being done. You are the worst politician idiot canned responses is all you are good at. “Block the call” – that is your idiot solution. Are you drunk? Idiot – you are fired. Nat Wood – You are a total idiot if you think the consumer can block these calls. What an a*s you are. You are the stupidest mother [email& 160;protected] %$er in the world – no help what-so-ever. | Stop fake caller ID The Do Not Call Registry is a joke. You a******. When you pick up a robocall (and not say anything) it’s too late. You are now on a list for all robocallers because they know your phone is active. Margot Saunders…. how can you collect $500.00 if you can’t track where the call is coming from? Moron! You are a Moron. FTC – why is our government giving these idiots money for doing nothing. Eliminate the department and save tax payers the loss of the money spent on these idiots salary. Consumers can’t call anyone who will take their complaint seriously when their phone rings every day with this robocrap. Julius Knap – You are clueless and a waste of space in the chair you sit on. You do nothing and get paid for it. FIRED. You have no technical ability at all and you are way over your head. Retire you a*s. The cellular companies should help a lot more to identify who these robocallers are and block them for life! Krista Witanowski – CTIA – you do nothing to help the problem. NOTHING. Fired – go home and sit on the couch. Save the carriers from listening to all the crap coming out of your mouth. You are an uneducated – useless – idiot. You believe AT&T blocked any robocalls? You are an idiot! They blocked none of them. | I’m a business owner in Florida and I’m tired of the crap with Robocalls coming in to my cell phone every day. Every day! There is no solution provided by anyone to stop this. Fire everyone and start fresh. These people admit on CSPAN that they can’t do a thing. Stop asking consumers to do anything. Fix the problem at the source. Put these idiots in Jail. Robocallers from out of the country should be easily found as the calls come in to the country and blocked from the source! It’s called technology. Use it. Krista – shut your pie whole. You are such a fat pig idiot waste of space. If the police have the equipment to identify a call even if fake caller ID or apps that block or change a callers ID…. why can’t the FTC use this technology to catch the robocaller idiots. You can do it. You just don’t want to put the law enforcement tools in place to help the consumers. Alex Algard – apps don’t help you a*s. Robocallers change the inbound caller ID using technology to hide the source of the call. Terrorists that want to hurt American business can robocall business owners and put us out of business. This is a terrorist activity and the resources need to be put in place to stop it. This is war against our country.

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  1. Olivia Bickleman
    June 16, 2020

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