Fenton Mazda of Amarillo

Fenton Mazda of Amarillo Review

Hi, my name is Channon, my boyfriend filled me to Fenton Mazda in Amarillo,Texas to get four new tires, two air coolers four plugs n window shield n a new bumper in back for my 2006 mazdarx8, I had talked to Chris the supervisor in the shop nv let him know that I’m having really bad time. | I will be able to get the car ,in case I have a problem can the car stay here till I can pay for it he said yes sure ,so I can pay thev2600 out ,yes just come in when you can soon as you can to pay your bill ,ok good I said ,my lawyers asked me to let you know I am in a lawsuit with title maxn I have the car legally then that way no surprises. | Thank you n we will keep your car safe I’m allowed to have it until I’m told different , Mike warrner said if you have any issues give him a call ,ok can I pay $50 a month that’s all I can do at the money til December. I’m getting some money then ok call me once a week to let me know on Wednesday s just keep me up on this so in April I gave $200 ,then nay another $200 ,and July $209 I tell him Thank You. | so my phone went off n two weeks no call I live in the desalent are off Rockwell ,so next thing I know the manager Mike that works on the inside new cars areaccall me and he tells me you need to come get your we have done two turn around here at Mazda n what ever your agreement was is know noid void or I will sell it n you can’t do anything cause I’ll say you abandoned it so my friend Ken chysler go up there in the won’t let him have my car. | it’s 3200, something I told him no itsc2600 ,I gave them $600 no store fees no contract so I go in on my bday 12-21-1970 ,and try to get car I’m told that I would never get it I can’t pay the bill I don’t need the car ,they had called title Max n Fenton gave them my car n they wanted me to pay them at mazda3209. I have my monthly statements from Max n shoed them that there was too across the boadrd that was none of their business. | well my lawyers quit when title Max backed out of mine class action suit n I’ve been homeless n know I live on section 8 ,and know I can go after the lawyers nvtitle maxnnvmazda , u have enlarged heart n seuzurs n know I’m going blind n if that can not keep me down they are not. | I eat two times a week trying to find a lawyer n file size since 2006 like nazdacsaid they have money n I don’t but asking me to Pat for something fthat was not right please help 806 567-4666 msn Adams I’m coming after ya n I’m coming hard if I die before I see anything happen it goes to my family n friends that been there thank you

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