Fidelity Review

I apparently won $250,000.00. The instructions are to call the claims agent, Rita Smith at the above number to activate the check received and tell no one else. The check is to cover processing fees of $1,850.00. She would provide further instructions. I was told that a courier would personally deliver my winnings to my home.. The letter was signed by David Hull, Promotion Manager. | This company went me a letter and a (fraudulant) check for $2,350.00 that was to cover the processing fees of $1,850.00 connected to my consumer sweepstakes winnings of $ 250,000.00. Instructions were to call my claims agent, Rita Smith at the above number to begin the claim processing and to activate the check. | I was told to never call any other other phone number and do nothing until I contact the claims agent. The remaonder of the winnings would be delivered to my door personally by a courier. | I brought the check to a bank to determine if it was legimate and found it was not. This was confirmed by calling Bank One in Dearborn, MI, the bank the check was written on. The check was sent from Nationwide Insurance, Columbus. Ohio. | I was also suspicious as I was victim of a similar scam a few weeks before that I will also report to you.

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