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I asked her if I could do some investigation on this she said if I don’t set up with them today that’s are going to proceed to sue me so they gave me until 6 o’clock then I called back and talk to some guy named Patrick and he proceeded to tell me if we can’t come up with an agreement today that they’re going to pursue charges and that he could send the cops to my house put a lien on my house so I asked him if he was threatening me and then he dropped it down to $718 so I gave him my debit card and ask him to send me information on it he never did I called three times and talked to Veronica green so I canceled my debit card and when I cancelled it they sent me a piece of paper through my email stating what I promised them to pay them then I looked up address on google and It come up ups then I found this site and saw that Veronica green had done this to somebody elseI don’t know if it was a scare tactic they were trying to use but it worked on me | my wife received a call from a lady named Veronica green from financial planners group proceeded to tell my wife that i old a bill from 2005 for the sum of $2700 I talked to Veronica green and Veronica told me that we had to come up with a solution to day I asked her for some time so I can look into it she said I had no time then she told me that if I called her before they close that day we can come up with an agreement so I called back and talked to a guy named Patrick how was telling Patrick that is been such a long time that I don’t remember it can he give me some time he said absolutely not if I don’t resolve this today that he could have the cops are at my house and put a lien on my house so I asked him if he was threatening me and then he was a nice guy and drop it down to $718 as long as I give him my debit card he scared me and I did I asked him to send me an email approve I never received an email from him so I called Veronica green back like 3 times and asked for the email still did not get an email then I callad the Better Business Bureau and they told me absolutely do not pay anything over the phone that they have to show proof so I called the bank and cancel my debit card when I canceled my debit card thay finally sent me a statement of how much money they’re going to take out of my account and with an account number anybody could get that account number

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