Financing Alternatives, Inc.

Financing Alternatives, Inc. Review

I found this company in the penny saver and I call them, and they took down all my information and said that I would recieve a computer, in about 12 months or after I had paid for it and that they debit my checking accound 59.95 twice a month and they took out a total of about 750.00 and I ask them to send me my money after I found out that it was a ripoff, and they told me that there was a clause in the contract that no matter what happen I could not be refunded. I quote “It has been our experience that this forum of binding arbitration leads us both to a fair and unbiased resolution of disputes, If you have futher question you may call 757-548-9888, ext 610 Auditing Department, I don’t think that this is fair that a company have to deploy this kind of tactic to get money in there company how many more are they going to ripoff, before they are finally stopped? | Are they a member of the BBB it not they should be reported.

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