Financing Alternatives, Inc.

Financing Alternatives, Inc. Review

Report Filed: Financing Alternatives, Inc. $1,871.04……….THE JACKPOT FOR FINANCING ALTERNATIVE INC. THIEVES Chesapeake Virginia!!

Whoever would have thought that one phone call could change your life and the life of your children. I called Financing Alternatives, Inc. (FAI) in August 2006 in efforts of placing an order for a computer for my children. My wish was to purchase the computer and present it as a Christmas gift to my children. I placed the order with FAI and set-up regular scheduled payments twice a month (on the 5th and 20th of each month) in the amount of $77.94 to be automatically deducted from my checking account. When I called FAI in November 2006 to inquire about the status of my computer, I was informed taht I would not receive the computer before Christmas. The response (similar to this) was as follows: “Due to upgrades…our warehouse is experiencing high volumes of orders.. which will cause a delay in shipping.”” I was truly upset that I would receive the computer by Christmas and voiced just that. I then mentioned to the phone representative that I should cancel the order. She responsed by saying something like “”I wouldn’t do that if I were you; if you do

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