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I just want to advise everyone NOT to purchase this software. The company is a rip off. They offer a 30 “money back guarantee’ which is a lie. Let me start off from the beginning. I purchased the software and was quoted a price of $1495 and was charged $1995. The sales man I worked with name is ELI. Well Eli said he would refund the difference and call me in 3 days to check on me and see if I had any questions with the software. Never heard from him again. I received my $500 around 5 days later. Fast forward weeks, I received an alert from my bank stating there had been a large purchase on my account. REWW took $2995 and $199 out of my bank account without my permission. Said there was a glitch in their system. WOW!!! OH i forgot to mention a guy name Johnny call me prior to the unauthorized withdrawal and wanted me to join their mentoring program. | He never went into detail about what they could do for me and when I asked he got really agitated and said that I was wasting his time. I told him I was getting off the phone because I didn’t need to argue with him. He continued. I hung up and he called right back and left me a voice message apologizing. I saved the voicemail as proof. Back to my request for a refund. to be eligible for a refund one must not export more then 500 leads. I exported 448. I was called by ELI stating that I exported almost 1000. Thing is I took a screen shot of my export activity because I didn’t trust them. My question is, “if” i’m not eligible for a refund, then why am I now locked out of the software? I even tried to reset my password. This company has been hell to deal with since the beginning.

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